Consistency is the key!

Consistency is the key!

Since being on this health journey, I have been really researching and understanding how to lose this weight in a healthy manner. I came across an article on the Mayo Clinic website. What I took from this article is this, weight loss is 80% food choices and 20% physical activity and 100% is consistency.
Being consistent is just as challenging as making good food choices for me. If I could lose this 30 lbs from just physical activity, oh my goodness life would be a dream!

Certainly! Consistency plays a pivotal role in achieving successful weight loss. Let us delve into the benefits of staying consistent with your plans:

Gradual Progress and Sustainability:
  1. Consistency allows you to make gradual changes over time. When you try to overhaul everything at once, it can become overwhelming and lead to giving up.
  2. By focusing on small, consistent steps, you build habits that are more sustainable in the long run.

Building Healthy Habits:
  1. Consistency helps you establish and reinforce healthy habits. When you consistently follow a routine, it becomes second nature.
  2. Whether it’s sticking to a balanced diet or maintaining an exercise regimen, consistency allows these habits to take root and contribute to your overall success.

Avoiding the “All or Nothing” Trap:
  1. Striving for perfection can backfire. When we aim for a flawless diet, any slip-up feels like failure.
  2. Consistency helps break the cycle of “all or nothing.” Remember, one unhealthy meal won’t derail your progress. It’s about moving forward without letting setbacks define your journey.

Adaptation and Progress:
  1. Consistent exercise allows your body to adapt. Physically and mentally, regular workouts help you burn fat, improve circulation, manage weight, and enhance overall health.

Similarly, consistent dietary choices lead to gradual weight loss and better health outcomes.

In summary, embrace consistency as your ally on the path to weight loss. It’s not about perfection; it’s about steady progress and sustainable habits.
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